updated CFA channels

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Re: updated CFA channels

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When was the last time you contacted the CFA? The "project" depending on which aspect of it, finished up a while ago now.

When you contact them this what you get, so enjoy. I don't think people were/ are trying to knock the ones that try but often listings get reposted with no mention of the age or the possible inaccuracies that are contained within them.
about two moths ago !!!
Anyway here is my contribution :)
Great work !!! thanks now off to program up the radios again !!!
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Re: updated CFA channels

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Re: updated CFA channels

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I think the new list you listed is incorrect aswell or im getting confused as im on 151 and there calling it 159 and 154 they are calling151? i mean i guess it does not matter im just fussy as when they call to switch to another ch i like them all to be correct so im always on the right ch for the right incident. so are all these channels patched? is 159 the same as 150-160 just different numbers for different areas?

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Re: updated CFA channels

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Hrm, another odd one. Listening to district 9 dispatch for a fire in Neerim. They mention "Trunking 201" as the fireground channel. 201 is listed as an analogue IMC channel in the latest list - 162.52500. Misuse of the word trunking?

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