Vline Freq and Tones

This forum is a collective database of frequencies and information (callsigns, talk group ID's, channel allocations etc) for Victoria
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Vline Freq and Tones

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Hi all

Found the following Vline Frequencies that are quite active, I found most when sitting at Southern Cross however can hear most of them while staying in Kealba (Near Tullamarine Airport)

408.8062 T: C
412.3750 T: C
418.1875 T: C
418.4375 T: C
418.4875 T: C
418.8500 T: C

I am also not far from Tottenham and would like to find frequencies for there also.

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Re: Vline Freq and Tones

Post by Pumper_50 »

Hi There,

Tottenham Yards heyday is long over sadly. Whilst the yard is still used to a degree it is a far cry from what it once was.
Staffing minimal and occasional at best and frequencies once in use appear to no longer be registered for use at the location.

Many roads have been removed and over the last couple of years much of the spare rolling-stock sold off for scrap or moved elsewhere. There is still a fair bit of old rolling-stock still there though given how much once was there.

There seems to be a run of grain wagons usually shunted through there and at least once or twice a week a haul of freight held overnight or weekends after coming up from Dynon Rd or Footscray Rd and the docks.

Still registered around Tottenham Yard / RS are;
412.4250 @ 5w Simplex
412.2000 @ 5w Simplex
411.4750 @ 5w Simplex
411.3750 @ 5w Simplex
418.8750 @ 5w Duplex

You might also want to try the following for some rail traffic

450.0500 - Platform work / roll-by traffic with CTCSS
412.3750 - Platform work / roll-by traffic with CTCSS
418.9250 - Dynon Yard (West Tower) with CTCSS
411.3750 - Dynon Yard (East Tower) no CTCSS
418.8500 - SCT Altona with CTCSS.
418.7750 - Dynon Fuelling Point with CTCSS.

It used to be a brilliant yard for us to grab graffiti offenders or those thieving from rolling-stock stored there on weekends from Friday evening to early Monday morning when I was involved in Rail Security matters. I live local to the yard myself nowadays but haven't really listened for some time given work and family constraints.

There are a few other new allocations in the 450MHz you might want to try and sniff out also.


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