bnc adapter for icom ic41s

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Re: bnc adapter for icom ic41s

Post by hotmetal1000 »

I had a bit of a troll through ebay but didn't come up with anything, doesn't mean there isn't.
Look in the manual under other options page 48 "• AD-98FSC ANTENNA CONNECTOR ADAPTER" that's all it has.

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Re: bnc adapter for icom ic41s

Post by blacky »

if only these companies could stick to a standard instead of using proprietry a bug bear of mine...
You could also try RS Components Australia (largest range in australia)

Also im going to put up a range of connectors on cc comms soon....just for your info! (Probably not that connector though)
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Re: bnc adapter for icom ic41s

Post by bananaman »

thanks very much i ended up going to Olbis and getting one for $32 he was going to charge me $65 but told him that i was from Aussie Scanners and gave me the discount .

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