Icom IC-F60 problem cloning

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Icom IC-F60 problem cloning

Post by b666t »

I'm having problems cloning, i have 2 ic-f60 radios, one i can program fine but the new one (second hand off ebay from usa) doesn't work it says.....

Connected transceiver is not compatible model.
Check the following:
- Appropriate cloning software for the transceiver is being used.
- The revision number of the transceiver.

The only difference in the radios is the one that wont clone is a Intrinsically safe model serial no 8201xxx
the one that works is standard model serial no 1201xxx

i have tried CS-F50 ver 1.1, ver 1.4, ver 1.7, ver 2.1, & CS-F50V ver 3.1, none seem to work, is there another version to try or am I missing something else?
Can someone please help?

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Re: Icom IC-F60 problem cloning

Post by connorp »

Hi b666t

I am having similar problems, am helping the local SES support group program some IC-F60's and managed to program most of them with the CS-F50MDC software (v2.1) as v1.7 and 2.1 of the CS-F50 software didn't work at all. I'm also looking for CS-F50 v1.4 to give it a try on three radios.


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Re: Icom IC-F60 problem cloning

Post by bytethis »

Was hoping someone had the standard / original icf file for the F-60 please . Have had an oppsie moment and over written my original file .. Now only have 4 channels :oops:

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