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Re: Icom IC40s

Post by connorp »

I have been looking for a high gain antenna for my 41S, and from what I can gather it is a Motorola MX thread. I think it is a 1/4" 32 TPI, but I haven't checked it to be certain.


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Re: Icom IC40s

Post by Comint »

radio_$cott wrote:Can anyone tell me what the antenna connection is on top of the above radio? (eg. sma / bnc/ tnc etc etc)

I want to make up external aerials for these hand helds but the only thing google search showed was Andrews Communications and they want $45!!!!!!!!!!! :o which is freakin ridiculous.
Have a read of the thread here .../viewtopic.php?f=260&t=1902.

This is the AD-98FSC image missing from a lot of the posts in that thread. I believe the antenna connection is Motorola MX.
Also, have a look at www.gmrsoutlet.com

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