Unique Repeater Scan

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Unique Repeater Scan

Post by rich333 »

The 400pro has the Unique repeater scan.
"The repeater search scan is not only searching for a signal on the repeater channels, but also access a repeater by transmitting automatically in sequence. Thus the repeater search scan function searches an available repeater in the area even if the repeater is not in use."

I was wondering if this scan can bet setup on other ICOM Radios, such as the F6023 or F6021.

I've checked the programming software for the the 400pro (CS-400) and it seems this function may be part of the 400pro firmware. The F210 - which I think is identical to the 400pro does not have this function, and in the software for this (CS-F100) there is no mention of this function.

If anyone has a better understanding of this function they may be able to tell me if it is something that can manually be programmed into the F210 or F6023/F6021.

Another thing, the 400pro can be programmed to TX Simplex & Duplex - the F210 & F6023/F6021 don't seem to have this function in the programming software the same way the 400pro does.

I would have thought the higher end commercial models would have the same features of the 400pro & more.

I'm new to this so forgive me if I'm misunderstanding something. There's alot to get my head around.


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Re: Unique Repeater Scan

Post by ziggybyrne »

the icom 210/221 uhf's do not have the ability to do the repeater scan to my knowledge. Use the talk around button asignment in the software which has the same function as the duplex button on the 400 pro.

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Re: Unique Repeater Scan

Post by Comint »

rich333 wrote: I would have thought the higher end commercial models would have the same features of the 400pro & more.
Two totally different markets.

In the Commercial world, most businesses only have one specific frequency per area, so there is no need for scanning. And besides, the bosses expect you to be on the appropriate Company Frequency when you are called. If you are scanning, you will often miss the first few words of a call.


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