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Post by Adoos »

Hi All,

Excuse my ignorance if im barking in the wrong area but I have tried to search this and im utterly confused.

I own a IC-440n in my truck and would like to look at programming custom channels but as im a novice I have no idea where to start. I don't have a cable yet and I have no software. By going through all the efforts im considering is it actually worth it with this unit? What will I gain by having the software etc?

If this already exists simply point me in that direction.


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Re: IC-440n

Post by Comint »

WarrenSRM9000 wrote: This place Sells cables and programing disc, online. ( I did not see one for your radio, though there must be. contact the guy for the right radio cable and disc with it.

I think you will find that disk only contains the drivers for the USB chip.


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Re: IC-440n

Post by Shreka »

been looking for it aswell cant seem to track it down anywhere :(

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Re: IC-440n

Post by bushfirey »

It is now available online if you seek it.I have just found it :) Still looking PM me for more info.

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Re: IC-440n

Post by Yipyip46 »

Good Morning, IC-440N has limited programmable features. Output is rated to 10 watts but micro locked at 5 watts. The software is more aimed at setting functions. It can have up to 128 channels programmed but I haven't even bothered to write a police RX file for one. I would speak to an experienced Icom dealer and figure out what you want to program into the radio and if it can be done before out laying money for a lead and software. Regards Yipyip.

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