IC-41W Review

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IC-41W Review

Post by erikn »

Decided to augment on my UH720SX-NB by purchasing an IC41W and have been very impressed with it so far.

The quality and feel of the 41W are excellent. This sure beats going down to Jaycar and purchasing a Digitech handie right off the shelf. Receive audio 10/10. Transmit audio 10/10.
Even has a user-selectable option to display battery voltage when powering it up. Not really a necessity but a very nice one.
Getting into menu mode is a little more difficult than first thought without consulting the manual. Same goes for selecting squelch, but the more it's done the easier it is to work out.
Green backlight makes the LCD a lot easier to read. Colour selectable would have been a bonus but probably would have driven the price up.
Was surprised that no talkaround button/feature was offered - instead you keep clicking the channel switch to change from a repeater chan to a simplex chan. Not too much of a problem unless you change channels a lot (fingers get tired). (EDIT: It seems there is a feature to rapidly cycle through channels - just had to hold channel up/down for about a second or 2)
The long and the short of it is that if someone wanted a 5 watt handheld - I'd not hesitate to steer them towards an IC41W.
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Re: IC-41W Review

Post by chrisco »

They are great radios remember they do not float.

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