Bit of help needed...

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Bit of help needed...

Post by jas27791 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:01 pm

I was browsing all these different threads concerning QPS frequencies and you got different channels for car to car, QV checks and the like. What I need a bit of understanding with is that up here in Gladstone, they normally all do that on the one channel, eg. They do QV checks, job delegations, car to car chat all on the same channel. it doesn't matter what frequency I get its the same convo as another frequency just a bit of clarification needed, thanks :)

Also, if needed I will make other threads concerning this, is I'm after like a channel list for QPS, QAS, QFRS for my area. I will post the frequencies I found myself (gotta love the search button lol) just need a definite lists if possible to show I'm on the right track. Thanks again in advance for putting up with my ramblings, just want to get in the hobby a bit more and would like a bit more understanding.

QPS Gladstone VKR

468.750 (Best one I listen to, clearest channel)

QPS Rockhampton VKR


QAS CAPCOMM Central (I haer jobs in Rocky, Gladstone Yeppoon and the like)


QFRS FIRECOMM Central (Same above like QAS)
413.700 (I think)

Thanks again guys and If needed, I will start another thread concerning the different freqs I have found.

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Bit of help needed...

Post by Phantom » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:38 pm

In the larger cities - there maybe different channels allocated to different tasks.

One would guess that you are correct - all transmissions are broadcast the same but thru different repeaters

I would also guess that if they needed to, they would be able to break up those linked transmissions and allocate a repeater/freq to a specific tasking so it does not clog up the main stations.

Thanks for the freqs - hope u not to wet up there!!!

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Re: Bit of help needed...

Post by jas27791 » Mon Jan 03, 2011 10:16 pm

Its all good mate, I'll make a another thread for all the combined freqs I have found, with the intention of updatng as I find more, I also got a couple for the port, railway and I think a courier company (come across it whilst I was scanning on the fire section of my 335xlt)

Gladstone is actually doing very well, cheers :) The dams all nice and full and overflowing, all the flood affected areas are around us, which does make things a bit frustrating/worrying concerning logistics and the like. My uncles house in Rocky the water is knee deep and m cousins house near the fitzroy river is just starting to creep up onto his back doorstep.

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